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Amish Bulk Foods

We buy a lot of bulk goods from Dutch Valley in Pennsylvania.


They are one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, Amish dealers around.

In addition to their own product they bring a lot of hard-to-find smaller companies together for us.

Here is a partial list of the companies and/or product.


Handmade Noodles – All shapes, sizes and flavors.

Nuts to Seeds – Raw, Roasted, Roasted and Salted. From Whole and Ground Flax Seed to cashews, almonds, sunflower, pumpkin and walnuts.

Dried Fruit – Apricots, papaya, mango, and more.

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer – Kultzown Birch Beer, Red Cream, and Root Beer.

Cholesterol Free Snacks – Soybean (no salt), raisins and Sesame Seed Crunch.

New Hope Mills – Best of the best pancake mixes.

Amish Style Rice Mixes – Saffron Jasmine, Mexican, Haitian, Lentil Pilaf, Brown and Wild Pilaf.


Troyer Cheese also brings some of these small companies together for us:

Handmade Noodles – All shapes, sizes and flavors.

Whistle Stop – Fried Green Tomatoes Batter (yeah, that’s the one in the movie), Onion Ring Batter, Apple Crisp, and Caboose Cobbler.

Southeastern Mills – You won’t believe how “made from scratch” these taste: gravy mixes, biscuit and cornbread (not sweet!) mixes

Amish Cookbooks – Healthy Choice, Practical Produce, and Home Remedies. These are full of “how to” natural health cures, natural garden growing, and canning.

Levi’s Amish Potato Chips – We also have real veggie and fruit chips.

Black Buggy Soups – Ham n Bean and Vegetable.

Popcorn – This is “oh my gosh” good. A rainbow of colors available. Hull and Hulless are also newly microwaveable. We also have Kettle Corn, but don’t try this if your trying to lose weight because you wont stop eating till the bag is empty.


Pretzels of all kinds and Sesame Seeds Sticks of all Kinds.


Amish Handmade Soap –

This soap lasts about three times as long as regular soap and is nice and smooth too.